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After the Words joins HubCare™ as strategy, partnership and equity investment advisor.

HubCare™ – Connecting parents, services, government through HubWorks!™, a web based CCMS (childcare management system) that allows parents and educators easy access to information directly relevant to their children’s participation in care. Speaking about the engagement with HubCare™ Glenn Smith, Managing Director at After the Words remarked, “HubCare™ is an early stage enterprise that has … Continue reading

Construction stagnant means less iron ore and lower iron ore prices. But, more beer and consumer satisfaction will evetually fill the void. Welcome to the “new normal” the Chinese way.

Iron Ore prices are only going one way, down. And, the consumer economy takes shape in China, slowly. Welcome to the new normal in the Asian century. Stock piles of iron ore reveal China’s slowdown (click here for video link), an ABC Australia newsline report outlines. Construction is stagnant and the control economy has restricted … Continue reading

The week that really matters in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC Year 5)

“We have finally reached the week that really matters, after an agonisingly long month of northern summer holidays, minimal volumes, and questionable speculation. The ECB outlined its stimulus program last week but it will mean nothing if the German constitutional court does not rule against the challenge to the European Stability Mechanism on Wednesday night.”. … Continue reading

The Ultimate Employee Do-Gooder Perk: A Social Sabbatical In Emerging Markets

Does your job give you a day off a year to volunteer? Maybe you can convince them to give you a paid social sabbatical, where you take your skills to help organizations in emerging markets. A number of big companies, including Intel, Microsoft, and General Mills, offer paid sabbaticals for their employees to recharge. Software … Continue reading

The Water Food Energy Nexus – an animation

Click here to view: The Water Food Energy Nexus – an animation  Note: (commissioned by SAB Miller). Assess as such. An extract from The Water Food Energy Nexus – an animation: “Water, food and energy are interconnected: agriculture accounts for about 70% of global freshwater use and can pollute freshwater supplies if mismanaged. Water is … Continue reading

“Creating Shared Value”. An unintended example thanks to Walmart.

“Creating shared value” – the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. In this case, success is defined as the legacy of the building enabling a positive social welfare outcome. An unintended consequence but, one from which corporate enterprises and social policy makers can learn from for future change/innovation management. “There are thousands … Continue reading

The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work

The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work

Social technologies have the potential to free up expertise trapped in departmental silos. High-skill workers can now be tapped company-wide. Managers can find out “which employees have the deepest knowledge in certain subjects, or who last contributed to a project and how to get in touch with them quickly,” says New York Times tech reporter Quentin Hardy.

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