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Innovators and Entrepreneurs – Do you really believe that you can succeed?

Anthill Magazine provides a graphic to help all innovators and entrepreneurs to remember to always believe (https://www.facebook.com/anthillmagazine). Advertisements

A recent article by Deborah Mills-Scofield asks: Are Entrepreneurs Really More Comfortable with Risk?

In a recent article for HBR Deborah Mills-Scofield articulates the theory that “most entrepreneurs aren’t more risk-o-philic than anyone else — they just define risk differently.”. Mills-Schofield details that “For them (entrepreneurs), risk isn’t as defined by losing tangibles (e.g., income, benefits, “stuff”) as it is by losing intangibles: fulfilling a passion that won’t let go, … Continue reading

The world is not coming to an end. BUT, QE3 is short term gain and fundamental economic drivers (and debt restructuring) are the only means to future growth from here.

Yes, the world is NOT going to come to an end. Fundamentals always drive growth and hence equity markets over the medium to long term and the world still has fundamentals (albeit depressed at this point). This is perhaps currently best demonstrated by the graph below of ICSA (US initial jobless claims) and the S&P … Continue reading