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Top five tips for standing out as a start-up

The following is an article featuring After the Words Director Glenn Smith: “Top five tips for standing out as a start-up (from the ANZ Innovyz Start launch” http://www.startupsmart.com.au/planning/business-planning/top-five-tips-for-standing-out-as-a-start-up-from-the-anz-innovyz-start-launch/201306129951.html   Advertisements

A recent article by Deborah Mills-Scofield asks: Are Entrepreneurs Really More Comfortable with Risk?

In a recent article for HBR Deborah Mills-Scofield articulates the theory that “most entrepreneurs aren’t more risk-o-philic than anyone else — they just define risk differently.”. Mills-Schofield details that “For them (entrepreneurs), risk isn’t as defined by losing tangibles (e.g., income, benefits, “stuff”) as it is by losing intangibles: fulfilling a passion that won’t let go, … Continue reading

“Creating Shared Value”. An unintended example thanks to Walmart.

“Creating shared value” – the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. In this case, success is defined as the legacy of the building enabling a positive social welfare outcome. An unintended consequence but, one from which corporate enterprises and social policy makers can learn from for future change/innovation management. “There are thousands … Continue reading

Kinetic Energy – Energy of motion with a sustainable commercial outcome.

I have recently discovered “6 Future Playgrounds That Harness Kids’ Energy While They Play”* and IBM’s list in 2011 of the five technologies it thinks will change the world in five years, with kinetic energy topping that list. Discovering these articles has sparked a dormant interest in kinetic energy. But more specifically, an interest in … Continue reading

Startup weekend Melbourne – An outsiders perspective.

Startup Weekend has high ideals. Supported by the Kauffman Foundation “StartupWeekends are 54 hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups!”. Over the weekend of the 22nd June – 24th June it was the turn of Melbourne to host a … Continue reading

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